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neycha bio

K. Neycha Herford is an artist, crossfader and instigator of personal revolutions with 18+ years of unique experience developing progressive platforms that encourage self-inquiry, facilitate personal transformation, and inspire radical change.  Her multi-disciplinary background as a performer & recording artist, author, celebrity lifestyle expert, speaker and content creator provides a rich backdrop from which Neycha draws to provide the soundtrack to and catalyst for inspired, "naked" living.



A leading visionary in the field of personal growth and human consciousness for the past 20 years, Neycha's hip and progressive "not your momma's therapy" brand of counseling has made her a favorite among celebrities, 9to5ers, artists, rebels and everyday people who seek to live authentic lives. Through her progressive healing modality known as The Crossfade™, Neycha works with clients who seek to “remix” and transform their lives.


Personality & Writer

Regularly sought after by various media for her expertise, Neycha specializes in critical self-inquiry, crisis transformation, authentic "naked" living, career synthesis, creativity, grief & loss and radical lifestyle architecture.  Her popular "straight up, no chaser" communication style earned a loyal following at, where she served as the resident advice columnist for two years.  Later, Neycha held post as the resident lifestyle expert for while hosting and producing "Situation reMixed" exclusively for the the brandʼs online blog, Culture List.


In addition to appearing on nationally syndicated radio programs like The Michael Biasden Show, Neycha’s work has also appeared in numerous popular journals, newspapers, magazines and online destinations including Essence, The Huffington Post, Ebony, Allure, The Washington Post, The Root, ABC News, Time Out New York,  Russell Simmonʼs Global Grind, and many others.  She currently is a contributing writer to, a resident contributor to The Huffington Post's “Wise Women” monthly series and was a former columnist and conversations editor for Heart & Soul Magazine.



As a New Media Journalist, Neycha produces award-winning and dynamic digital content that captures trendsetting lifestyles.  In 2016, her company successfully launched #icanshedid, a rebranding campaign for Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture, a Sundial Brand - home of the beloved beauty line Shea Moisture.  Neycha was the previous web editor for 1.0, an online destination that provided inspiration and tools for self-empowerment.  As the web editor and producer, Neycha curated multiple brand channels, eventually licensed to Centric TV, Global Grind and Essence that included audio, video, short biopics and the written word.   



Neycha was the former co-director and lead moderator for Full Spectrum, Conversations among Artist, Activists, Explorers and Thinkers; a panel discussion series founded in 2006 by painter, art philanthropist and Def Poetry Jam producer Danny Simmons along with Brian Tate, founder of Curate NYC and The Tate Group.


Currently the conversations editor at Heart & Soul Magazine, Neycha is a a gifted communicator who  combines her love of humor with her passion for perspective to conduct intuitive and compelling interviews with thought leaders and visionaries like Dr. Cornell West, Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, Susan Taylor, Wanchegi Mutu, Dead Prez, Tai Beauchamp, Crystal McCrary, Psalm Isadora and many others. 


Her uncanny ability to put interview subjects at ease while probing far beyond the surface has made Neycha a natural choice for stirring provocative and intimate conversations. And it is her sensitivity as an artist and intuition as a counselor that provides a unique approach allowing Neycha to stand apart in canonizing the core essence of her subjects and getting to the story behind the story. 


Singer-songwriter, Producer

Also a celebrated and critically acclaimed indie artist, Neycha was named "A New American Badass" by Time Out New York and one of the seven best bands in NYC in their annual round-up.  Her genre defiant CDs the dirty side up and White Noise along with the acid hip-hop anthems for which Neycha is perhaps best known are what she calls “instinct music - from the guts out.”  Her third album, The Holy Hell of Hope, lead by the celebrated single “I’m Still Here” is continuing a multi-installment release through 2018 that began in 2013.



She is the author of White Noise; a book written for those tragically bereaved, inspired by the murder of her long time beau in 2002.  Since then, Neycha has been an advocate for other survivors of homicide victims as well as suicide survivors through her personal work, The White Noise Project.


The White Noise Project along with Neycha’s other properties, give testament to her profound commitment to providing safe spaces for others to share and reframe their stories while becoming the conscious architects of their own reality.

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