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xFADE 360 Ignite™ 

a full-day remix incubator

Shift your agreement with reality!


Based on The Crossfade Method™ and xFADE 360 sessions, the  xFADE Ignite™ is a full-day incubation designed to illuminate and ignite -  with a block of uninterrupted time set aside to go further into a deep-dive than a stand-alone session provides. 


It is a great fit for those who may not currently have the time for the weekend Bootcamp, but need more than a session.  


The best part is the day is yours to curate as you wish - we can tune into life, love, relationships, career, life purpose, depression, trauma, etc - whatever needs illuminating and to be transformed.  Let's get at it.  Crossfade now.

My clients are those who want to be their personal best; not limited by the past, what others think or self-defeating behaviors. They all share a common desire to remix their entire lives and step into their authentic power.


Isn’t it time you loved your life?




xFADE 360 ignite™  

 high-voltage transformation experiences that encourage authentic self-definition and inspires radically remixed lives!

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