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crossfade retreats

 high-voltage transformation experiences that encourage authentic self-definition and inspires radically remixed lives!



"Retooling my crossfade bootcamp for small groups has been truly rewarding, 

as I've been able to share this radically transformative work with many

more people.

Witnessing the breakdowns (of old systems) and breakthroughs of those attending

my private workshop intensives has

reaffirmed how genuinely powerful is the connection of a community of people gathered together for the

common goal of healing.  

Truly priceless."

~ Neycha


Hosted in intimate environments across the globe, Crossfade with Neycha is an invitation only opportunity to intimately experience Neycha's acclaimed Crossfading methodology that has helped scores of women and men transform their lives over the last 20+ years.  This high-voltage, weekend intensive was retooled in 2015 to accommodate a small group of 8 or less in order to make the experience accessible to those who might not have the resources to book a solo weekend bootcamp.


Crossfade with Neycha retreats are private and invitation only because the work of crossfading is in itself an intense experience, not designed for everyone and is specifically created for those who are committed to rigorous self-inquiry, rebel consciousness™, and a super-charged personal revolution.  


Like the crossfade bootcamp, the Crossfade with Neycha experience is also an interactive, workshop-styled personal growth intensive.  It is provocative, power-punched and after 23 years in private practice, Neycha has fine-tuned crossfading into a method to accomplish in one weekend what could typically take months!  Accordingly, expect to cut straight to the core limitations holding you back and remix your life.  


Learn more about The Crossfade from which this retreat experience was cultivated.


GET INVITED.  Do it for yourself or a friend now!

CLICK HERE NOW to learn what it takes to CROSSFADE and receive your personal invitation from Neycha to crossfade in 2023! 


Isn't it time you loved your life?  Crossfade now.

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