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i have been thinking lately about how important, and often undervalued, is the imagination. generally thought of as the sacred companion to those of us who see ourselves as artists, we socially - and wrongly - hold the view that imagination or creativity is not for everyone. sure, if you’re a painter, musician, fiction writer, movie-maker and so on, it is expected that you engage the holy task of making something out of nothing by way of your lofty imagination. but what can be said of the person who’s faced a tremendous ordeal and found a way to not only survive, but thrive? is that not an extraordinary reflection of the creative process at work? i will guarantee you that anyone who’s ever faced a crisis and transformed it - had to somewhere along the way dial into their imagination (whether they understood it as such or not), rendezvous with possible meanings for the madness and allow that sacred engagement to be the anchor that kept them moving. imagination is a living prayer. without it, nothing takes flight. we don’t just need ideas to birth the next great novel, home renovation, or cutting-edge technology. our lives require innovation too, and continually. in fact, is there anything that you can identify more important than renovating your own life to align with the very reason you were born? when we optimize the reasons for which we were given life, the whole world benefits. someone will be inspired, somebody will put the gun down or throw away the pills meant to take away life. someone will find hope, another will start a business, leave a dead-end relationship or job. someone, without a doubt, will find the courage to make all the radical changes necessary in order to be extraordinary because one of us ignited their imagination and stirred the flames of possibility. my loves, our very lives are the canvases, the blank pages, the four notes headed to a song that we get to play with. and how much fun we have drawing upon our imaginations - when facing every wish, crisis, relationship, major decision, etc. makes all the difference! this is crossfading at its core - pushing the boundaries of perception, remixing reality and reconstructing our personal narratives in ways that feel purposeful and empowering - in order to become the conscious creators of our own reality. what are you creating?

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