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Pricelessness of Communion

Gathered recently with powerful souls - both women and men - we connected deeply in the spirit of love, community and respect. Face to face. In real time. Things we too easily these days undervalue in our over-hyped digitized culture.

I think it is often lost on us that there is no substitute for human touch; for holding someone crying in an extended embrace; for making direct eye contact and saying with words or not - "it's going to be ok". For communing deeply and recognizing through that exchange that we ALL matter; have a part to play.

This was the type of evening I recently co-curated with Anita Kopacz to celebrate Heart & Soul Magazine’s cover model Latham Thomas, 1 of Oprah’s Super Soul 100!

Through meditation, conversation and song, we laughed, we cried, we shouted amen and essentially had church. We fed our souls with the generosity of bearing witness to one another, holding space for soul communion and allowing our humanness to be on full display.

THIS is the kind of 'ish that gets me off, makes my heart sing. And every single time I have the privilege of creating a sacred space for people to gather and walk away more enriched, I too come away full - knowing I am living my purpose to be a curator of hope and an instigator of personal revolutions.

Perhaps the most endearing part of the evening for me was having one of my guitarists, Monk Washington, who is a genuine treasure to my life, show up with his guitar and spontaneously agree to play background music to accompany my partner in magic Anita's moving meditation. And then sit with me to perform one of my songs - all on the fly! That blew my socks off!

The song that we performed, "Save Yourself", from my second CD White Noise, called to me earlier that day as I completed a running meditation in which thoughts of Psalm Isadora flooded my mind. A celebrated and one-of-a-kind sex and relationship expert, Psalm committed suicide last month. The heaviness of the reality that we can be a light to so many others while wrestling with the toughest of shadows struck a chord.

In spite of Monk and I starting the song too slow, we ended up right where we were suppose to - yielding to spirit and channeling what the divine had in store for all of us. My only intention in sharing Save Yourself had been to narrate honestly what it is to find ourselves standing at the edge of hope, giving up on the possibility that tomorrow will be different; better. To offer through song a space for others to find communion with feelings that don't often enough have the benefit of being witnessed by another.

Ah, the gift of bearing witness. Truly priceless.

How, I often wonder do we inspire others to "really" get the importance of holding genuine space for another. It doesn't require just our words. It requires our fearless presence that affirms I am willing to swim in the deep waters with you, because I love you. I am willing to look and see what you may not so easily or willingly share - because sometimes every one of us needs a little help saying what is not easy to be said. This is what taking genuine care of each other looks like.

Together, let us feel. Together let us heal. So that none of our lives are left hanging with the fragile questions of am I really seen, loved for who I am beyond a public persona?

For make no mistake about it, when we offer ourselves generously to true connection, true communion, and to our gifts, we bless our lives with the preciousness of knowing we really do matter and are here for a divine reason no other can fulfill.

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